Fighting Winter Weather With Almonds


Everyone is trying to stay hydrating during winter. I don’t know what is harder, trying to stay hydrated or shoveling the side walk, seriously. With the heat on and the extreme cold, my skin hurts. Recently, I discovered L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil and this random Dead Sea Salt and Almond Vanilla Oil Scrub that I picked up at Home Goods.

In combination, my skin feels extremely smooth. The almond shower oil not only soothes dry skin but it also cleans it so you can skip the regular body wash. When it lathers, it’s so milky and soothing. A few times a week but not too often I use the scrub just to polish the skin first. After rinsing the scrub off you can really feel the small oil it leaves behind to hydrate. Add that to the shower oil and I smell like a walking nut. At least I smell like nuts, and I’m not nuts right? Some days that will be debated haha.

If you have tried any of these brands or have used any other oil based shower items, let me know in the comments below.

Bitch It Out, Seriously


Now, people use journals for all sorts of writing. I, however, have decided to use mine in a different way. What you see here, is my Bitch It Out Journal and of course my pen. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and I complain a bunch about things I can and cannot change. I finally realized all of this and needed a way to control it without taking it out on other people or bombarding people with my problems. Don’t get me wrong, talking it out is very beneficial but the way I did it was not.

I am not afraid to admit any of this and you shouldn’t be either.

This adorable little notebook you see is by a brand called Yoobi. I love this notebook because it has the band to close it and the paper is lined. I picked it up at target in the stationary section. Its pink, a nice vibrant color for such terrible thoughts (haha). Here’s how I use it:

Immediately when I get angry, or anxious, or I need to complain, I start frantically writing. I write exactly how the thoughts pop into my head. I write how much I hate something or how much something bothers me. As I am writing I start to think about why. “I hate my job because ___ but if I didn’t work here I can’t pay my bills.” This doesn’t always happen. Generally it’s just me venting to my notebook. The more I write the better I understand my triggers.

What makes this process special is I NEVER READ WHAT I WRITE AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE. This is important. I need to be alone with my thoughts whether they are rational or not. I need to vent because I can’t keep them bottled up. I don’t worry about punctuation or spelling. I cringe at how terrible my writing would be when I am fired up.

This is how I cope.



Let me start off by saying, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day but I certainly don’t celebrate it. You might be asking yourself why, or judging and assuming my like sucks… well the truth is:

After being in a relationship for about 7 years, there are many more important days then one day in February. I believe Valentine’s Day is for “young love”. We have so many “planned” holidays where we should be expecting to receive gifts of all sorts but lets get serious here…. I prefer when my boyfriend shows up on a random Tuesday with my favorite candy bar or a surprise date. He shows me true love year round and I find it to mean more when it isn’t planned or expected.

What’s your view on V-Day? Just a money-grubbing hoax, or does it mean more?

Wipe It Off Gently


No7 Beautiful Skin Makeup Removers are perfect for a lazy makeup remover or even just to gently cleanse your face after working out. Perfect for sensitive skin as I have stated before I have. They have a slight scent but it isn’t over powering. It even takes off water proof mascara.

I have tried so many wipes. Some made me break out in hives or even pimples. Others burned my face. I get this product 2 thumbs up and look forward to trying more of their line.

Healthy Sexy Hair


One word to describe how I feel about these products? LOVE. This brand is just golden in my book. First let me introduce the Soy Renewal Argan Oil.

The Soy Renewal Argan Oil is a rich oil in which you can put in wet and dry hair. I have done both but depending on the style of my hair. If I am leaving my hair wet and not going anywhere or if I need extra tangle help, I put it in wet and leave it. If I will be styling my hair (typically straightening) then I’ll put it in after I’ve blow dryer. It does an amazing job toning down and fly-aways I have and trust me because iI get so many.

The Soy Sea Salt Spray has saved my butt in so many situations. I get lazy having long hair so a few squirts of this leaves my hair slightly surely (i have naturally straight hair) and a little crisp. I like these factors though because you can do simple beach hair and it helps reduce the need for any hairspray.

Set Your Face


I have watched a few beauty guru’s on YouTube as I am no professional and I found many of them if not all of them use a setting power for liquid foundation. I was interested to see what the different could be. I was sold. I picked up Tarte’s Smooth Operator Clay Finishing Powder. It truly does make a difference. It’s so light and feels like silk when I use a big puffy brush to swirl it around my face. The up side other than it’s amazing? It’ll last forever because you hardly need any!

Soft and Silky


EVA NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask, and oh boy did I need a therapy session. So, my hair is long and becomes dry, produces static, and sometimes can become knotty. Well, not anymore. I have found my HOLY GRAIL conditioner. It says you can use it as a mask or as a daily conditioner… I opted for daily conditioner.

I wash my hair, then take a scoop and run it through. I then throw my hair up in a clip and leave it for the rest of the shower. It has the warmest, light vanilla scent. After I am out of the shower instantly my hair is more manageable. I have gotten so many compliments on how soft and sweet smelling my hair is. Secret: my boyfriend also uses this product.

If you’re wondering where you can pick this gem up, you’ll find it at Ulta.